Full Name
Nichole Schulte
Job Title
Barrel 42 / Quady North Winery
Speaker Bio
Nichole Schulte is Head Winemaker and an owner of Barrel 42, a full-service custom crush winery in Jacksonville, Oregon. Nichole has been making wines from dozens of vineyards and varietals throughout Oregon for 20 clients, including Quady North Winery, for over 10 years. Barrel 42 produces wines in a plethora of styles, from sweet fortified wines to traditional method sparkling wines. Some of the highest scoring Oregon wines have come from Barrel 42, which works with well-established brands to small start-ups that embrace experimentation, alternative varietals and sustainable winegrowing and winemaking. Barrel 42 is a LIVE and Organic certified operation focusing on small-lot, low intervention winecraft.
Nichole Schulte