Frequently asked questions

The 2021 Oregon Wine Symposium educational content will be held on the event platform Swapcard, with our virtual trade show taking place on vFairs. As an attendee, you will be able to network with other attendees, access all session content, and learn about our sponsors and exhibitors. Below you will find information on using both platforms, and commonly asked questions. If you don’t see what you need please email 
Educational content will be available on Swapcard. Below are FAQs for this platform.
Click here for an article on using Swapcard as an attendee, or watch a video. Click here for basic Swapcard troubleshooting.
Q: How do I access the educational content on Swapcard?
A: About two weeks before the event, registered attendees will receive an email from “Oregon Wine Symposium <>” with the subject “Get Access to the Oregon Wine Symposium” that will give you access to the official conference Swapcard event. Click the “Let’s Get Started!” button to enter the conference. If you have registered and have not received this link, please search your inbox and check spam and then email for assistance if needed.
Once you have registered, just visit Swapcard and login as a participant with your email address at any time, and you will be entered into the Oregon Wine Symposium event.
Q: When will I be able to access the content within Swapcard?
A: All content is visible as soon as you login! We recommend familiarizing yourself with the platform in advance, making some connections with other attendees, and adding the sessions you want to attend to your agenda.
Q: Do I need to register for sessions in advance?
A: Nope! But we do recommend logging in before the event and adding sessions to your schedule to keep track of what you want to attend and receive reminders.
Q: How do I find sessions by track, or Spanish interpretation?
A: Find sessions by type (Viticulture, Enology, Business, Networking, Awards, or OWB/OWA updates) by using the Track/Session Type dropdown on the left-hand side of the agenda. Find sessions translated into Spanish by using the Language dropdown on the left-hand side and selecting Spanish.
Q: How do I network with other attendees?
Select the “Attendee” tab in the navigation bar and you will be able to see everyone registered for the event. Swapcard will automatically make suggestions for people for you to connect with based on your profile. You can also search by name. When you find someone you want to connect with, click on their profile and then write them a message and send a Connection Request. You can also see everyone who is attending the same session as you when watching the session.
In addition, we have scheduled dedicated networking hours where you will be able to join a Zoom meeting and participate in randomized live networking with other attendees. Check out the agenda to find out when these are scheduled.
Q: Where can I see My meetings, Sessions, Bookmarked Companies, Product Wishlist?
A: You can see them under the "My Event" tab. 
Q: How do I ask speakers questions?
A: Each session has a chat and Q&A on the right-hand side of the screen. Please submit questions here and our speakers will be there live to answer them!
The virtual trade show will be held on vFairs. Below are FAQs for this platform.
Q: How do I access the virtual trade show on vFairs?
A: About one week before the event, all attendees will be uploaded to vFairs and are then able to access the platform by logging in with the email address they registered with. All attendees with a Full Symposium pass also get access to the trade show on vFairs. The direct link to vFairs is available here.

Q: Will I be able to take away information or brochures from the event?
A: Yes. Like any physical event, we will have a swag bag for you! You can add documents provided by each exhibitor to your online swag bag and then email them to yourself or share items with colleagues by simply entering their email.

Q: I am an exhibitor, how do I set up my booth?
A: If you are a confirmed exhibitor, you will receive an email with details on how to set up your booth from Savannah Mallo. For questions, email

Q: Is there programming on vFairs? How do I access it?
A: Yes, there will be mini-session programming on vFairs as well as the OWA Annual Update meeting, and a Networking Happy Hour on Tuesday, February 16th. Content can be accessed by logging into vFairs and then clicking on the “Auditorium” area.

More details to come!

General FAQs for both Swapcard & vFairs
Q: What time zone am I in?
A: The event platform automatically updates the conference schedule to match your local time.
Q: What technology do I need?
A: Use a modern browser for best experience, Chrome or Firefox are recommended. An internet connection that allows you to participate in a Google Meet or Zoom call should be sufficient.
Please note that if you are on a computer with a VPN or firewall, there is the possibility the event platforms could be blocked. Please login and test your access in advance of the event, and contact your IT department if you cannot access the platforms.
Q: Do I have to download something to run Swapcard or vFairs?
A: No, both platforms run in your browser.
Q: Can I listen to the conference via phone?
A: No. Audio can only be heard through Swapcard & vFairs directly.
Q: Will the content be recorded?
A: Yes, all sessions will be recorded and available after the event.