Full Name
Andy Gallagher
Job Title
Soil Scientist
Red Hill Soils
Speaker Bio
Andy Gallagher is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist and Soil Classifier with 37 years of experience in soil mapping and soils research. His business Red Hill Soils is based in Corvallis, and has been providing soil mapping and soil management consulting for Oregon Vineyards for the last 25 years. Working with clients in site selection and consulting on a wide range of soil issues are Andy’s specialties. Andy also works with growers of other high value crops including hops, truffles, hazelnuts and organic vegetables His research interests have revolved around soil including winesoils and terroir, soil health and carbon stocks, nutrient management, no-tillage and precision agriculture, earthworms in agricultural ecosystems, watershed management, runoff and erosion. Born and raised in the Midwest, Andy got his soils education at the University of Wisconsin. He holds an MS in soil science from the UW-Madison and a BS from the UW-Stevens Point. Andy has field experience with geology and soils in ten states from the Midwest, the Southeast Coastal Plain and Piedmont and the Pacific Northwest. He lives near Corvallis with his wife and two sons.
Andy Gallagher