Full Name
Chris Huyghe
Job Title
COO and Co-Founder
Speaker Bio
Prior to co-founding Enolytics in 2016, Chris was a successful senior executive in the healthcare industry. A nuclear physicist by training, he began his career at Saint John’s General Hospital in Bruges, Belgium overseeing radiation treatments to patients with cancer. He moved to the US in 1997and joined IMPAC Medical Systems where he held positions as director of client services and Vice President of Order Fulfillment. After the 2005 Acquisition of IMPAC by Elekta, Chris became the Senior Vice President of Operations for Elekta Inc., leading a team of 400 professionals, responsible for almost $500 million in revenue. During his tenure as SVP of Operations, Chris discovered that advanced data analytics and business intelligence were key factors to the accelerated growth of his business unit.

Today he leads the Operations and Service teams at Enolytics, applying his executive experience to accelerate the success of our clients. You’ll find his thumbprint throughout our solutions, particularly in regard to finance and strategy. He is spearheading the industry leading quarterly and annual DTC Impact Reports and is an expert on the state of the Wine DTC industry.
Chris Huyghe