Full Name
Justina Harris
Job Title
Direct Sales Manager
Patton Valley Vineyards
Speaker Bio
Justina Harris’s love for wine started in high school when by a stroke of fate, or her parent’s desire to have her be the DD, she spent a day in the cellar with a new winemaker. From that day on she was determined to enter this beautifully crazy world. Justina obtained her entrepreneurial degree in Idaho, where she spent four years doing a little bit of everything in the wine industry, from managing the tasting room to running labs and working harvest.

She moved to Oregon from Idaho in 2015 and deeply resents all of the potato and “You da ho!” jokes. She was thrilled to have finally made her way back to the Willamette Valley and, shortly after arriving, started with Patton Valley Vineyard. She now runs their direct to consumer program and still gets to enjoy time in the cellar occasionally. Justina has immersed herself in the industry and has volunteered to run the Willamette Valley Industry Tasting Collective program the last three years. She always looks forward to exploring new wineries and learning as much as possible in this ever-changing industry.
Justina Harris