Full Name
Alex Sokol Blosser
Job Title
Sokol Blosser Winery
Speaker Bio
Alex Sokol Blosser, son of Sokol Blosser’s founders, Susan Sokol Blosser and Bill Blosser, grew up working in the family vineyards and winery. Not much has changed. The strong pull of the family wine business kept pulling him back in from escapes to college in Texas and a stint with the Air Force Reserves. The wine life had him and it just took a few years for him to realize that he really did love the business and wanted to make this his life’s work.

In typical family business fashion, Alex has played many roles at Sokol Blosser from cellar rat, to vineyard manager, to vice president of sales. All these prior positions groomed him for his current and last position with the winery; that of winemaker. Alex is only the fourth winemaker to walk the catwalks in the winery since Sokol Blosser's first vintage in the Dundee Hills in 1977. He has worked with and under all the previous winemakers and brings forward those learnings and a winemaking desire to fashion Pinot noir that inspires the world.

Alex is grateful to have found a life partner with his wife Ginny, and for his two sons, Nikolas and Avery, for whom he tries but fails to beat in the card game Magic. He lives on the vineyard and when time allows he is often reading science fiction, riding his bike, watching the Tour de France, and pining for the day when the L.A. Dodgers raise the World Series title once again.
Alex Sokol Blosser