Full Name
Anna Matzinger
Job Title
owner, winemaker
Matzinger Davies Wine Company LLC
Speaker Bio
Anna Matzinger is co-owner and winemaker for the Matzinger Davies Wine Company, a small family brand founded in 2006 with her Kiwi husband Michael Davies (REX HILL, A to Z), specializing in small lot Pinot noir and Chardonnay from the north Willamette Valley and single site Sauvignon Blanc and Grenache from the Columbia River Gorge. Arriving to Oregon’s Willamette Valley for the harvest of 1999 from Idaho by way of California, Australia and New Zealand with the hopes of making some of the world’s finest Pinot noir, Anna’s path led to a 14-year stretch at Archery Summit where she rose to winemaker and general manager, garnering numerous accolades and helping steward and nurture both winery and brand in their growth and distinction as a producer of world class wines. In 2014 Anna began consulting for several Oregon wineries and deeply enjoys the pursuit of helping to bring voice to client’s wines through connecting site and process with the people who make them.
Anna Matzinger