Full Name
Brennon Leighton
Job Title
Vice President of Winemaking and Vineyards
House of Smith/K Vintners
Speaker Bio
Brennon Leighton is the vice president of winemaking and viticulture at Wines of Substance where he oversees all viticulture, vineyard relations and winemaking for all Charles Smith brands, including K Vintners, ViNO CasaSmith, Substance, POPUP Sparkling, Golden West, B. Leighton Wines and SIXTO. Considered to be one of the best winemakers in the state of Washington by wine critics and connoisseurs alike, Brennon has over 20 years of experience in winemaking and viticulture. Prior to working at Wines of Substance, Leighton worked in vineyards in California, eventually returning to Seattle to work for Chateau Ste. Michelle and later as head winemaker for Efeste. After first meeting in the early 1990s, Brennon and Charles Smith reconnected, and Brennon was as a consultant to help with Smith's well-known wine, Kung Fu Girl Riesling. Two years later, in 2012, Brennon was hired as the winery’s full-time winemaker, and Smith's partner in his new Chardonnay project – SIXTO. Brennon's thoughtful, kind and intense passion for wine made him perfect for the job.
Brennon Leighton