Full Name
Ignacio Nevares
Job Title
Associate Professor
UVaMOX - Universidad de Valladolid
Speaker Bio
Dr. Ignacio Nevares is an agricultural engineer specializing in agro-food industries at the Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid. He earned his Ph.D. from the Universidad de Valladolid. In 2000, in collaboration with Dr. Del Alamo-Sanza, he created the research group UVaMOX focused on oxygen and wine aging. Within this multidisciplinary group, Ignacio has been responsible for the area of engineering applied to oenology with a specialization of more than 20 years in the measurement of dissolved oxygen and the application of sensors and automation in wine aging and oenology in general. His line of research has focused on the evaluation, characterization and improvement of the processes of wine aging with the application of optical measurement techniques, image analysis and control. For the last few years, he has focused on the study of the aspects that control and define the functioning of the oak barrel as an active container with a physical approach, as well as on the characterization of oxygen diffusion in wood and other materials used in oenology.
Ignacio Nevares