Full Name
Trish Barry
Job Title
Owner and Managing Director
Mastermind Consulting
Speaker Bio
Trish Barry is what you’d call a veteran of digital and social media marketing, pioneering many campaigns for wineries large and small across Australia. Recently awarded 2020 Wine Communicators of Australia's Wine Communicator of the Year and Digital Wine Communicator of the Year, and 2020 Australian Women in Wine Marketer of the Year, Trish is well-equipped to help wineries navigate this ever changing landscape.

Trish's company, Mastermind Consulting was born in 2008, the first type of wine marketing business to evolve exclusively to specialize in digital, social, direct and content marketing. Many of those original client relationships still exist today with brands shifting their mix to focus on digital communications. Mastermind pioneered many of the groundbreaking digital and social media initiatives that took flight in Australia. Tweet ups, Instameets, the Rosé Revolution, consumer online tasting panels were Mastermind innovations along with utilizing other tools in the digital toolbox.
Trish Barry