Full Name
Joanna Gambetta
Job Title
Post-doctoral Researcher
South Australian Research and Development Institute
Speaker Bio
Dr. Joanna Gambetta has studied in Peru, France and Australia. She has a master’s degree from Montpellier SupAgro in oenology and viticulture and a Ph.D. in wine science from the University of Adelaide. Her previous research has focused on the determination of objective parameters to assess the quality of Chardonnay grapes, juice and wines. Some of Dr. Gambetta's research focus includes the determination of the effect of different biotic and abiotic stresses on the aroma composition of grapes and wines by combining field experiments, advanced analytical techniques and chemometrics. She is currently working at the South Australian Research and Development Institute on finding practical solutions to delay maturity as well as on modelling vine phenology in an Australian context.
Joanna Gambetta