Full Name
Thibaut Scholasch
Job Title
Director of Viticultural Studies and Applied Innovation
Fruition Sciences
Speaker Bio
Dr. Thibaut Scholasch is one of the founders of Fruition Sciences, a company specializing in vine health and viticulture consulting. Fruition works with wineries worldwide towards the renewal and transformation of vineyard operation decisions. The shift is based on the deep knowledge and understanding of plants' needs considering the impact of local climate, terroir and varietals.

Thibaut leads a team of passionate viticulturists. Their research has generated practical applications for Fruition’s clients, for example: 1) data-based monitoring of vine functions and data-driven decision making; 2) development of a method that achieves significant water savings in arid and irrigated wine regions (Australia, California, Israel, Chili, Portugal, France); 3. solution to improving production, sustainable viticulture, vineyard resistance to drought and vine performance prediction. Thibaut and his team are focusing on the impact of global warming on vine development stages and fruit composition. He has created a conference series called Vintage Report to share his knowledge and new results.
Thibaut Scholasch